About us
B2C EFFICIENCY is a reliable link between you and your customers. By developing and implementing highly effective business solutions, we provide customers with a positive brand experience.
We are much more than just a contact center. Knowledge of effective communication technologies and a deep understanding of the customer's business processes allow us to connect your customers, employees and partners into a living eco-system of a well-functioning business.
B2C EFFICIENCY specialization is to provide guaranteed growth of your customers' loyalty. Today it is clear that direct voice contact is the most effective way of communication, leading to increased customer loyalty and increased profits for your company.
We are dedicated to improving your business performance by engaging customers in the process of interacting with your brand, and we achieve this using effective communication tools.
The B2C Efficiency team is a team of dedicated professionals who can listen, hear and understand the customer. We build effective communication business models based on our multifaceted experience in completed projects. We know how to achieve results.
We will offer all existing solutions until they are accepted by the customer.
We are responsible with our KPI for your KPI, we are responsible for the result in sales and the growth of customer loyalty!
We value our reputation and are responsible for the assumed obligations and guarantees and are always responsible for the result.
We carry out projects in the areas in which we are experts.
There is always a solution!
We are responsible for the result!
General Director
Chernovalova Maria