Sales promotions and sales points support
Boosting sales effectiveness
Developed distribution system
Motivation systems and promotional activities
You aim at:
Increasing sales level
Receiving actual feedback «from the fields»
Understanding real effect of motivation programs
Finding consumer awareness growth points
Competitive product
You already have:
You want your product to be offered first at sales points?

We have an outstanding solution
Remote support for sales representatives, sales managers and over the counter personnel at sales points (including online shopping)
Over the phone contact with every sales person in the product sales line with the agreed frequency of calls – regular reminder of your product, its key selling points, promotion details – maintaining task-focus orientation, providing control and evaluation of the product knowledge.
Planning calls and communication models on the basis of your requirements for the product promotion – fully customized product.
Option of ratings and bonus points accumulation, informing salesforce of their rating positioning, bonuses achieved – maintaining constant involvement in sales tasks.
Calls recording (audio files and transliteration for voice analytics) – opportunity for deep understanding of particular sales person involvement, evaluation of correct usage of product information.
Do salespeople know competitive advantages and key selling points of your product?
Do they have all the information about your current special offers and ongoing motivation programs? No more doubts. With us you will know for sure!
As a result you will get:
Increase in the level your product knowledge among sales personnel on all the levels up to the final customer.
Highest possible level of awareness about your ongoing sales promotions through all the sales chain.
Control over the work of sales representatives with your product - based on the feedback from points of sale about your product support, the quality of information about promotions and motivation programs.
Feedback "from the fields" about promotions and special offers you launch from the point of view of consumers - from the sellers who directly communicate with the end customer.
Analytical reports on the ratings of sales representatives and sales points – based on the knowledge of your product, its main characteristics and on awareness about your company promotional activities.
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