Collection and updating of databases
The client database is the main tool for the business. Creating the initial correct base is the key to its success.
We offer a full range of work with source databases:
Compilation of the primary base of potential clients - legal entities
Technical solutions providing secure direct data transfer to the customer's CRM systems
Working with a cold base - transforming it into a base of informed leads
Analytical reports on the composition and quality of databases
Collection of effective contacts - decision-makers within legal entities
Over time, there is always a need to update the databases accumulated by the customer. The B2C Efficiency team will quickly and efficiently update all the data, bring it in line with the new tasks of the client.
Clearly and correctly enter up-to-date information into the customer's systems, set up communication schemes based on the set criteria.
Inform about new products or services, tell about promotions or conduct a mini survey by phone in order to identify consumer preferences or needs for the company's services or products.
Updating the accumulated database of clients / legal entities - allows you to quickly and efficiently clarify all data, company names, phone numbers, fill in information gaps, delete irrelevant or duplicate contacts.
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