Promotion of your solution
You have a product - we will inform the market about it!
Do you have an array of clients / partners / members with whom you conduct regular marketing communications?
What exactly do you know about customer changes? What needs do they have today and can any of your services satisfy them?
Have you created a basic working product and want to quickly communicate it directly to a large number of customers and test it? Collect opinions and you need to understand the level of interest?
Want to inform potential customers about your product?
We will do it quickly and efficiently!
Find the right contact person within the client
We'll ask the right questions, get feedback
Explain to the potential buyer how the product or service will meet their needs
We invite you to your online event
We will send you data on all contacts with interest analytics
You can!
The main thing to save is time! You don't have to wait for the sales team to get the message across and hope they have collected the right feedback.
Get a reliable partner in our person - interested in long-term effective cooperation.
Use an external trusted resource without risks - instead of a long selection of your employees with labor contracts and problems.
We will deliver information about your product - we will send a demo version, presentation, your contacts
You formulate offers and try to reach out to partners, but want to understand what they expect from you?
Who is our service for?
You are developing or launching a product on the market and do not yet have established distribution channels.
A company, a fund, with an accumulated customer base of individuals or legal entities. The company communicates, but does not receive the response it expects.
The company has a number of clients that exceeds the ability to inform on its own at the right time.
What do you need to start?
Have a basic product description
Prepare a link or materials to send to the client
Indicate the scope of activity of potential customers and requirements for them
Be ready to work out the leads you receive
Your Name
Your phone
What your company do?
Your companys website
Information about your company
Tell us the most important information about your company
Thank you, our menedger will contact you as soon as possible!