If earlier the most working tool were SERM technologies (displacing unwanted information from the TOP of search results) and banal removal of negativity for money, then by 2020 the range of possible services and tools has expanded significantly.

In today's world, it is very important to have a good reputation for companies that are focused on interacting with people. It doesn't matter if you own a cafe or an advertising agency, your company's rating plays a big role, whether it is the job market or attracting clients for your business.
Catching up on your company's reputation is NOT just scouring and dumping reviews on popular sites. These are primarily white ways of working with reputation. How do we do it?
- Monitoring of mentions and reviews
Detailed analytics makes it possible to identify problem areas, use feedback to improve the company's service and stop possible negativity in the bud.
- Crisis communications
Prompt response to negativity in order to reduce the aggression of a dissatisfied client. Leveling reviews. Resolution of the incident. Demonstration of the company's responsibility.
- Working with information field
Improving the tone of discussions. ORM marketing. Displacement and neutralization of negativity, SERM.
Working with reputation
We help businesses to solve the problems of reputation marketing. We promote brands, protect against negativity and create a positive information field.